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What's reblog karma?


Phrase for the idea that if you reblog a meme you should send a response to the person you’ve reblogged it from, or at least a question of some sort, even if it’s on anon.


I know people do what they want, but the smut threads I have seen featuring Ruby is very uncomfortable since she’s only 15 years old…

Blake’s book was obviously a reference to “Jekyll and Hyde”. Really am hoping that we get to see a person actually like that in the series. The only question is would they be both good and bad, or one of the two altogether?

original source: rwbyarrowsandroleplayconfessions

The two/three in one weapons of RWBY are pretty awesome, but it’s kind of hard to find a pair or triplet of weapons that can work together. In example a bow/double bladed quarterstaff that can used as duel wield swords is an excellent combo. An All Purpose Rifle and Duel Longswords is cool, but I still find it difficult how that would work in the transformation aspect. Try to make two or three weapons feel like they belong with one another by design so transformations between them is smoother.

To be honest, I wish there was more fighting scenes in the rp’s in the RWBY community. RWBY has things like in a high school/college drama, but some are skipping fight scenes. I know they’re afraid or not experienced but RWBY is about fighting grimm and other forces of darkness, so it would make sense to have them fight grimm or dust smugglers once in awhile, but they can also spar and duel each other too. Don’t be discouraged, try your best, and always improve to make the fight scenes better.

I would actually like to see how well my OC would do in a fight with professor-ozpin. I know he would get his but handed to him by the headmaster on a silver platter eventually, but I would like to see how well he would do.

Sometimes, I feel like I am playing my OC to strongly and it makes me nervous. Yeah he is a All Purpose Rifle and duel wielding Longsword badass, but he has an interesting backstory that gave him bottled up emotions that I would like to rp with. Not many like angst in their rp’s though and it makes me nervous to even think of trying to implement that in an rp.

original source: rwbyarrowsandroleplayconfessions

I feel greatly unliked by the RP community. I try using ask-box memes and asking if people want to do starters to socialize. They reply maybe 3-4 times before just dropping our roleplays. The worst part is, is that I can see they’re RPing w/ others or asking if any one want to RP. It’s not just one person, but just about every one.

» For those questionning about the arrows:

Confession: I don’t know what you mean by arrows.

HELLO !  This is a sample arrow of what i mean : ) .. I don’t know how to really explain but.. its kind of those things where you put an action like ” got married to” with an arrow pointing up and down with any random person that posted next to this particular post .. o 3o..