I used to roleplay Female!Cardin, but stopped because I got to the point where other characters were bullying Cardin instead.

I feel like no one appreciates the Port and Oobleck rp blogs. There are many Ozpin and Glynda blogs but no one ever seems to care about the other teachers.

I genuinely think that team-ravn should get more love. He’s such a wonderful little dork and is always happy to find new RP partners, especially OC ones. World’s best dork! Only thing I don’t like is that I never seem to be on at the same time he is… darn.

I feel like I’m always ignored by my followers except for 2 or 3 of them…

I feel like most of all the Jaune blogs are very under-appreciated. I see a lot of them either being ignored or wishing for someone to RP with them. They have the same problem as I do and that’s getting a RP started and ends in about 4 notes. It sucks but I think it’s because people don’t want to RP with a silly clumsy dude all the time…

warrior-lie-ren is one of the nicest roleplayers I’ve ever met. She’s a great friend of mine and takes the role of Ren quite well. I’m glad I met her and wish more people would get to know her.

I get sad when people don’t interact with werexiaolong . She has a unique Yang, and is a great roleplayer. It’s always one person with different muses. It’s common for people not to notice great roleplayers like that…

Its sad to see romanvontorchwick go, they were a wonderful Roman roleplayer but they didn’t seem to get many threads after a while. I really wanted to roleplay with them because I liked how they played Roman and kept him somewhat sassy through everything, but I never worked up the nerve to ask them.

wukongwarrior has the best headcanons for Sun Wukong. He’s also a really kind mun. The only thing I don’t like about him is how he portrays Sun as this sexual deviant. But in all honesty, he’s an amazing roleplayer.

Hi ahhh the one who confessed about huntress-pyrrha.. uhh yeah.. ; 3;.. I’m sorry i don’t know how to unignore this thing.. ; 3;..